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Create your Perfect Girl

Start in the customisation area and create your perfect girl. Slim, voluptuous, muscular, thick, blue eyes, brown eyes, blond, brunette everything is customisable. With 30 individually adjustable physical characteristics, 7 differnt skins and 93 items of clothing there an almost limitless number of unique combinations. Thats just the tip of the iceberg.
Download the clothes tool and you can make your own clothes and add them into the game or share them with other users.

Choose an Outfit

Dress your girl from a selection of 93 different and customisable items of clothing. You can even customise the colour of the clothes providing almost limitless customisation. Click anywhere in this box to watch a video and have fun with our web based live dress up tool.

Choose a Location

Choose from any one of 9 themed locations. Have a steamy encounter in an ancient temple, join the mile high club with a hot airhostess in a Learjet or have a Kinky encounter with the Nurse in the Cum Clinic.

Multiple Positions

Let your imagination run wild as you can experience a wide variety of foreplay and sex positions. If she's feeling frisky you get to put it.. anywhere you want.

Full Interactivity

Touch the girl of your dreams and hear her moan in delight. Thrust into her and hear her beg for more. But remember you need to be the perfect gentleman and every woman is a pleasurable puzzle. Every girl has different likes and moods.
Use the right toy and send her to heaven use the wrong one and she will let you know in a hurry.

Four Voice Actresses

Seductive sound is key to making an immersive erotic experience.
We have used four hot vixens to provide the voices for the girls in the game. Let their sultry words highten your erotic experience. Scarlett, Mia, Shibby, Persephone, Swanny. We chose each to give real life to each of the personality types. Closing your eyes won't help you last with the seductive words and moans these minxes will pour into your ears.

Personality System

If you create your perfect girl next door or sexy vixen you need the personality to match. The personality system allows you to select from 4 unique personalities, each with unique dialogue. Choose from Submissive, Shy, Naughty and Dominatrix.

Mood System

Enjoy getting her in the mood. As you please your lady she will become more receptive to your advances. As you progress and earn Citor3 dollars you can buy toys and gifts in the shop to gain her favor.

The Shop

The more your please the ladies the more money they give you to spend in the shop. Buy new Clothes, Sex Toys and gifts like Parfumes, Candies, Candles and Drinks. You can even buy video Cameras and TVs to make sure you can see things from every angle.