Monthly Scenes
Stay up to date with all the things we're working on in Amoreon with our monthly scenes! Check out all the cool tech we're implementing, and give us feedback so we can shape the game the way YOU want!
In this scene you are at the doctors office while a hot nude chic wanks you endlessly with a Fleshlight.
This scene is motion capture only, meaning we are working with the female motions. The idea is that whatever you do, the transitions happen as they would in real life. This case she's watching & teasing before comes closer and rides.
Welcome to the Atrium! Hopefully you watched the video from our blog and know what to do!
The idea is simple: Doggy style! This scene will show you some of the components we are building at the moment. Nothing is animated, your movements / touches controls everything.
As said before, we start to implement Amoreon tech stuff to these monthly scenes. Same time we ask for your help: Please comment ANY hints, ideas, things to improve with this scene!!! Your opinion will matter when putting this kind of option to the game.
This is for enormous boob lovers! its a simple ride with basic ik of your body. You start by standing and having a chair near by, as when you sit down, it triggers the next event. Green ghost head indicates where your head should go.
This time you are paralyzed by curare while your Mistress pumps saltwater to your balls.She will make you to cum over and over until you spurt pure saltwater.
So, expect seated experience, only reset buttons for the position and esc to quit.